• Items that show wear or require attention or repair before selling
  • Items with any pet or cigarette odor 
  • Outdated items that do not qualify as vintage.
  • Items that can be purchased locally for less than what we can offer
  • Young adult or children's sizes
  • Workout or exercise items that are not new with tags.

What we do not accept


Consignment Policies

Please don't take our selection process personally! 

We accept items based on our current needs and what the local market will support.

  • Ginger's accepts women's and men's clothing, current within the past 2 years, or vintage pieces.  Every item must be in like new condition; clean, free of flaws or signs of wear.
  • Please don't take it personally! We have limited space and must be very selective.  Our choices are not a reflection of your taste, but rather of our needs and the local market.
  • We accept clothes daily, you don't need an appointment, but plan on staying with your items while we go through them. 
  • You can also choose to leave your items for review and we will donate anything that we can't use.
  • There is no minimum. You can open a consignment account with any number of items.
  • It is a 60 day consignment. Markdowns will be made as necessary to sell your item.
  • The commission is 60/40 with 40% of the selling price going directly into your account as soon as your item sells. Your balance is payable at any time or can be used as a store credit.
  • After 60 days, any remaining items become property of Ginger's and will be subject to clearance pricing or donation.